About Us 

Our story is simple. Vets’ Brewed was founded by Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Ed “Hurricane” Atchley, an Air Force 603/2T1 veteran of more than 27 years and his wife, former Technical Sergeant Rachell Atchley, with more than 16 years of Air Force active and National Guard service and three years of federal civil service supporting the Defense Logistics Agency (and counting). Our other key stakeholders include several retired and active duty Navy “Shipmates”, Soldiers, Airmen, and my brother.  Without him, our site would never have been created and we’d be dead in the water.

Our goal is not to add to the over saturated coffee industry, but more, to be a partner of what brings people a little cup of heaven. We feel that coffee is more than just a drink to be had in the morning.

Coffee soothes the mind and soul, it’s not necessarily about the caffeine rush, although that isn’t a bad thing, it’s about the smell, the taste, and even the sight, that can bring a little joy to your world. Who doesn’t want joy? Even the meanest Senior Chief or the grumpiest Colonel desires a little joy in their life, not much, just a little. That’s what we offer. Pure. Joy.

One huge important aspect of us creating this company was a way for us to remember where we came from. To our brothers and sisters selflessly serving our great nation, thank you.

Vets’ Brewed was founded on the ideals of bringing you a great roast that isn’t over priced and isn’t attached to political luggage bogging you down as you embark on your journey of enjoying a great cup of coffee.  

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully, giving us a try.  And thank you for bringing us into your home. Hope to see you again, my friend.

–Hurricane Out!


Share our passion for coffee with you.


Provide you with an enjoyable cup of coffee.  


This patch was created by Alexandria Martinez-Atchley, 13.